Diamond Clear Glue 5ml

Diamond Clear Glue 5ml

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▪️Diamond Clear Adhesive 5ml
▪️The quick coupling speed of 1 seconds
▪️Minimum fumes and vapors
▪️High elasticity
▪️Time of wearing eyelashes up to 7 weeks
High quality adhesive gently affects the natural eyelashes without causing discomfort during the procedure.
To use the adhesive pour a small amount of it onto a special surface, for example, a pallet for glue, jade stone, etc. and dip the part of the eyelash into a drop of glue. Avoid contact with skin.
Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs wash out immediately with water and consult a doctor.
Shelf life of the adhesive is 6 months from the moment of production. After opening the adhesive preserves its qualities during 2 months. At the end of this time the glue begins to lose its properties and the adhesive force decreases. It is not recommended to use such glue as this will affect the quality of wearing the eyelashes.
The eyelash adhesive is very sensitive to the conditions in the room. It is important that in the room where the eyelash extension procedure takes place there was a cool temperature (18-25 ° C) and high humidity (50-60%). If any of these conditions are not met the adhesive may begin “being nasty” and the coupling speed may increase. Therefore, it is very important to create perfect conditions for the glue. To meet these conditions you can install air conditioner and air humidifier. So you can always maintain favorable conditions indoors and your adhesive will work perfectly.
▪️For better use quickly wipe the spout of the bottle with a lint-free cloth to prevent clogging.
▪️Store in a cool place away from direct sun light.
▪️Don't leave glue in same place with glue remover, primer, activator.

This adhesive is suitable only for lash to lash extension and Russian Volume. You can't glue bunches or false eyelashes.

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