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Under Eye Pads Pack of 10 pcs

Under Eye Pads Pack of 10 pcs

Pack of 10 pairs
Lint Free Eye Pads
High quality, lint free, very thin and sticky, under-eye gel pads
For the protection of lower lashes during the application of eyelash extensions.

*Apply them on clean and dry surface of the skin
*Open the pouch and remove the thin protect film before use
*Once the sachet has been opened use immediately
*Apply eyepatches on top of lower lashes, taking care to avoid touching the eye and waterline
*Do not re-use the pads
*Remove the patch slowly from the edge

*For external use only
*Avoid direct contact with eyes
*Discontinue use in case of skin or eye irritation, redness or swelling
*Avoid using if you suffer from eczema, have sensitive skin, have cuts, blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburn skin
*If the skin irritation occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and see your doctor
*For professional use only.
*Keep out of reach of children

Made in Korea
Manufactured for Immaculate Lashes Ltd
  • Cologne Anti-wrinkle Eye Gel Pads
    Lint-Free,suitable for eyelash extensions.
    These pads are so thine just like tape, but soft easy to apply and remove.Will be suitable for sensitive eyes too.
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