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My name is MIS INGA MISIUTE and I am a creater of IMMACULATE LASH BRAND.
Years of searching for the best products at last I found it. I can say in full confidens it's the best Eyelash Extensions you can get in the market. Every single lash is perfect so it's easy to work and  enjoy the best result.
At my shop you will find most popular lashes so you dont have to browse trought the unwanted items.
Glue,pads,tweezers are so inportend too,so good products can give you best confort  for your client and a best result...Low or No fum glues for you and for the client.Extra thin and soft pads will give your client maximum confort.High quality tweezers-easy job.
Many happy clients can say -"she is the best"...and yes,I do my work with all my heart,I am so pasionate about lashes and treat all costumer like stars.
I want to give a chance for everybody to learn how to do lashes my way so we can spread high quality work around the world.

​I am Lash Master in Classic Lashes since 2010, in Russian Volume since 2013...
Immaculate Beauty Academy-President and Owner
Immaculate Lashes- brand founder

All ready taught in United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Norway, Spain, Germany, Mexico

▪️"Moters Pasaulis 2016" International Lash Conference & Workshop-LITHUANIA/Kaunas 2016
▪️Celtic Eyelash Extensions Competition and Conference-IRELAND/Dublin 2017
▪️Lash and Brow Queen- MOLDOVA/Chisinau 2017
▪️Baltic Beauty Cup-LATVIA/Riga 2017
▪️"Beauty World" Lash and Eyebrows Championship and conference-SWEDEN/Stockholm 2017
▪️Lash Artists International-USA/ Arizona, Phoenix 2018
▪️Baltic Beauty Cup-LATVIA/Riga 2016
▪️Celtic Eyelash Extensions Competition and Conference-IRELAND/Dublin 2017
▪️"Beauty World" Lash and Eyebrows championship and conference-SWEDEN/Stockholm 2017
▪️Baltic Beauty Cup-LATVIA/Riga 2017
▪️Lash Artists International-USA/ Arizona, Phoenix 2018

I have attended lots of conferences my self to learn all novelties, tips and tricks so I can pass this information to my students. 

▪️Beginners CLASSIC Eyelash Extension Course
▪️Advanced Russian VOLUME Eyelash Extensions courses
▪️Master Classes
▪️Fan Making Workshop
▪️Individual VIP  1;2:1 Training
▪️Group of 2 Training
▪️Group training in any UK city
▪️Group International Training
...All welcome!
Always straiving for the best
Best Regards,
IM LASHES Director

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