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Welcome to Immaculate Beauty Academy,

Would like to present unique courses:

✅Beginners Classic (For someone who never done lashes before) No experience required.

✅Advanced Russian Volume (For someone who qualified  in Classic Eyelash Extensions or who want to refresh they skils even if they are all ready qualified in Volume lashes)

✅Volume Master Class (For some one who are qualified in Classic and Volume Lashes)

✅Fan Making Workshop

✅International Training

IMMACULATE BEAUTY ACADEMY courses are designed to reach every once needs.You can choose:

✅Individual 1:2:1 VIP Training

✅Group of 2 Training

✅Group Training

All training materials provided on the course day, so you need to bring nothing with you, just will to learn this lash art.It is intensive one long day course, so get a good rest before you come to course.

✅Courses usually starts at 10am(For Individual VIP course can be changed to satisfy your needs)

✅Model must arrive at 5pm (You need to organise model your self, if you can't we will help you for £20,-extra charge, that we pay for model)

✅Finish around 9pm (please leave extra time for any questions)

Certificate will be issued after minimum of 5 home work study cases sent( you have 6 months to do so) Only Workshop, Mentoring Sessions and Volume Master Class Certificate issued after course.


Any questions do not hasitate to contact us


Best Regards and hope to see you on our training



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