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6 Lines MIX 5/6/7/7/8/8 Lashes

6 Lines MIX 5/6/7/7/8/8 Lashes


Mink Lashes
Black and shiny

6 lines in the box.
Thease lashes have few differnt size in the line to make you atcheave that perfect feathery,natural,soft line look.
Perfect for competitions,inner cornrs,to atcheave very natural look, men lashes,bottom lashes...
Available in B,C and D curl
0.03/0.05/0.07/0.10 and 0.12mm

PLEASE NOTE!!! Thease lashes sizes slightly different from our other line lashes because of other manufactures. Size 5mm more or less even to size 6mm, size 6mm to 7mm and so on.


  • New product!
    Small size lashes in C curl
    20 line Mix box
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