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"Gold" Glue 5ml

"Gold" Glue 5ml

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Premium Quality Adhesive
For professional eyelash extensions
e 5mL/0.17floz

Shelf life: 6 months
From opened: 1 month
Fast dry: 1-2 seconds
Last: 5-6 weeks
Colour: Black
Best temperature: +20/+28c
Humidity: 40-70%
Usage: Classic and Volume eyelash extensions

Polyamide Resin
Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Polymethyl Methacrylate
CI 77266

To speed up drying time you can use Immaculate Beauty GLUE ACTIVATOR from our shop

For professional semi-permanent eyelash application only. Apply patch test 48hours prior to first using this glue on each client. Please shake well before use. Use only in well ventilated areas. NOT suitable for false eyelashes, cluster, flare or rapid eyelash application. NOT suitable for self-application. NOT suitable for application on lower eyelashes. Do NOT use if the client suffers from eczema, has sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, eye infections or if the clients has any cuts, sores or abrasions in the eye area.

*DANGER! Bonds skin and eyelids in seconds
*Do NOT swallow
*Do NOT breathe vapour
*Inhalation might causes headache or nausea
*Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin
*If direct contact occurs, flush contacted area immediately for at least 15min
*For professional use only.
*Keep out of reach of children

*Keep container tightly closed when it’s not in use
*Store in a cool, dark and dry place with silica gel
*This product is very sensitive for humidity

Made in Korea
Manufactured for Immaculate Lashes Ltd

  • Black
    5 ml
    Fast drying 1-2sek
    Last 4-6weeks
    Strong Fume
    Not suitable for sensitive eyes
    Temperature +20/+28C
    Humidity 40/70%
    Eyelash extensions advertise for PROFESSIONAL use ONLY.Advertise can be used for volume and classic eyelash extensions applications.Not recommend for sensitive eyes.
    Before use please shake bottle very well,recommended humidity is 40-70%,required temperature +20-28C.Before applications please wash very well natural lashes and use primer to remove natural skin oil.Avoid contact with eyes,skin and mouth.
    Keep glue in the zip lock bag,out of direct sun light and high temperature(warm temperature and direct sun light can change glue formula so glue become weaker)
    Glue must be stored in dry cool shade place if not oppened(+3/+7C)
    Unopened glue shelf life is around 6 months
    Once opened shelf life around 1 months
    Before application patch test is necessary.Do it at least 24hrs before your application to find out if client are not allergic to eyelash advertise.
    How to do patch test:
    Clean lashes,remove natural oil and apply few lashes on both eyes leaving 1mm gap from the skin.Give your client after care advise.You can add extra small drop of the glue on the wrist.Pick up eyelash extension with the tweezers dip into glue and make a tiny stroke or dot on the skin.If allergy shows remove lashes immediately,runs with water.
    Keep out of reach of children.

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