Disposable Micro Swabs 40 pcs

Disposable Micro Swabs 40 pcs

Disposable Micro Swabs 40 pcs Micro Swabs is essential tool for eyelash extension application. It helps in applying gel remover, primer and other solutions to remove any dirt, Make-Up, dead skin, etc. Especially very useful when clients come for infills and they have make-up leftovers or debris as micro swab small microfiber head won’t catch eyelash extensions and you won’t pull the out.  DIRECTION:Pour cleanser, Make-Up remover, saline water, primer on Micro brush. Take excess of liquid on tissue, roll true eyelashes or between the lashes on the lid. For second eye use new micro brush to prevent crossing infection if any. *Very handy and easy to use*Disposable*Hygiene*Convenient*Perfect for Make-Up artist and Eyelash technician COUTIONS:*For professional use only.*Keep out of reach of children INGREDIENTS:Plastic, microfiber Made in KoreaManufactured for Immaculate Lashes Ltd

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